Could We Be a Dark Horse National Title Contender in 2017?

With the return of several key upperclassmen and the addition of a highly-talented recruiting class, we have built some serious momentum since the end of the 2016 regular season. Vegas has even taken notice as our national title odds have steadily improved since early January. But will we really be ready to contend for championships in 2017? We answer that question and more in this edition of the Glory UGA Podcast.


  1. We need to win the East and have a 10-win season before we get too concerned about winning a national championship! All things come in their time!

    • I agree. Definitely think it’s a little premature (maybe a year or so) to begin talking national title. It would take EVERYTHING coming together perfectly plus a lot of breaks for it to happen this season. So, highly unlikely, but certainly not impossible

  2. Perhaps I missed something in your last podcast, but you neglected to mention that to have a chance at winning the SEC East there must be a massive improvement in special teams and the kicking game. Improvement in the offensive line and special teams are of equal importance. It also would help if some of the defensive backs improved their tackling skills. I enjoy the podcasts.

    • Good point. I don’t think our special teams was a disaster all-the-way-around, but there are some areas that were major weaknesses. After the first third of the season, Blankenship stabilized the FG kicking situation, but he still struggled mightily on kickoffs, which I feel was the primary factor in our coverage issues. Punting was abysmal…no getting around that one. Kickoff return unit was a non-factor, but the punt-return unit was at least decent. But, overall, I agree with you that we need some upgrades on special teams, but I just feel like the offensive line was a bigger issue since it handicapped us to the point that we could not be who we wanted to be offensively. Thanks for listening!

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